Shops of Old Sparth in the 1930’s

Before the days of ASDA, people living in Sparth didn’t have to go far for their every day needs. There was a shop on most streets selling just about everything from a Drapers shop on Maple Street to an Off Licence where you could get a jug of beer to take home.

Albion Road

Cooked meat shop

“All sorts shop”

Off Licence

Gavins Chip Shop ( on junction with Norman Road)

Norman Road

Blackshaws Green grocer

Edwards Grocers

Swains Chip Shop

Heath Street

Siddall’s Confectioners (Wonderful meat pies)

Bridgefield Street

Cloggers (Pop Rowcliffe)

Sweet Shop

Harold Roberts Butchers Shop

Bridgefield / Saxon Street

Evans Chip Shop (sit in dining area 3d for chips)

Corporation Road

Greenwoods Cooked meat shop

Griffiths Sweet Shop

Church Street

Off Licence