Sparth Community Centre, 1984-5

Sparth Community Centre, 1984-5

Sparth Community Centre was built in 1984-5, and officially opened in March 1985.

The audio links listed opposite tell the story of how the Community Centre was first developed and grew, as told by the only two Managers of the Centre since it first opened - Sheila Acton (formerly Mallinson) & Kenny Farrar.

"One Front Door At Sparthbottoms" is a BBC Radio Four documentary, recorded and broadcast in 1987, when the Centre was still in its early days. The documentary was made to demonstrate how a community can overcome tensions and work together, to provide a service to all members of a community, no matter how diverse.

The story is then taken up by Sheila and Kenny, who share their experiences of running a busy Community Centre, from its inception when Sheila first started from a room in a terraced house on Bridgefield Street, through to the present day.

The audio clips have been broken down into 2-3 minute sound bites - simply click on the audio in the numbered order to hear the full story.

Sparth Community Centre today runs a full programme of activities for all