The Sparth Plaques

The Sparth then and now Plaques

The project aims included a permanent feature that would be installed in Sparth to tell the story of the history of the area.

Taking the six timelines, artist Catherine Sweeney worked with the Community Centres’ Girls Group to design six plaques which could be fixed along the knee rail outside the community centre. In this way the memories of the area are preserved for both the present and future generations.

The Art workshop

Each young person began by choosing an image from a selection, which had been gathered together from research into the area along with photographs which were brought into the community centre by local people. The children could still recognise many of the local streets and sights on the old photographs!

The workshop gave the whole group an opportunity to try mono printing, a new experience for most of them, which they all enjoyed. Each print area was set up with the different images, divided into themes for the timeline and the children moved between them working with different coloured inks to create the prints.

Following a demonstration they all soon became confident with the technique and concentrated hard to achieve the images produced.

A combination of the prints created were then selected for each timeline and these were etched onto aluminium plates to make the plaques.