Sparth’s Famous Fossil

In 1903 Mr. Frost, foreman at Sparth Brickworks split open a nodule of clay and inside lay the outline of a well preserved fossil scorpion. It was a very interesting find as scientists revealed it was the only one of its type ever to be found! The fossil was named 'Eoscorpius Sparthensis' and is kept at the Natural History Museum in London to help scientists understand more about prehistoric life on earth.

Sparth Brickworks is no longer here, but the place the fossil was discovered lies underneath the grassed area between Sparth Community Centre and Sparth Islamic Centre (Jamia Ghousia Masjid). As well as the unique scorpion there have been many other great fossil finds of plants, ancient dragonflies, and even whole tree trunks. Some fossils can be seen on display at Touchstones Rochdale and Manchester Museum.


Manchester Museum

Touchstones Rochdale Museum