Use the interactive timeline to see Sparth through the ages How to use the timeline
How to use the timeline

Navigate your way around the Sparth website using the timeline at the top of the page. Hover left and right to travel forward and backward in time.

To visit a certain time period click on one of the images. You'll then be taken to all the images, video, audio and documents relating to that time. To return back to the index page at any point, just click on the 'Sparth then and now' sign at the top left of the timeline.

The Sparth Interactive Timeline requires the Flash plugin to work, dont have it? You can download it here for free.

How to view the media
How to navigate

The media relating to the time period you have selected will display on the left of the media area as thumbnails and links.
You can narrow down the media you see within the time period by selecting one of the available sections, these will change depending on which time period you are in. The different sections available will appear in the left navigation area.

How to view the media

By clicking on the smaller thumbnail images and links the selected media will load in the media viewer area on the right.

View larger

Certain images once loaded in the right media viewing area will also have the option to be displayed at a larger size. By clicking the 'view larger' magnifying glass icon the image will load at a larger size in the same window.